Roast Duck Inn

We may have come across the best roast duck and crispy skin roast pork we’ve ever had so far! On a night where we didn’t want to travel too far into the CBD, we came across the recommendation of Roast Duck Inn.

Situated along a strip of other restaurants and shops in central Box Hill, Roast Duck Inn is a small and no nonsense shop with one purpose. To produce top quality roast meats and food of course! So if you’re looking for great service or a place where you can spend hours with your friends catching up, this is probably not the place for you. It is obvious that people literally come for the food, they eat, and they are out of there.

Upon entering you’ll see a front counter for customers to come in and collect their takeaway which seemed very busy. Given the shop was small, tables are limited so it makes sense people might choose to duck in to get takeaway to bring home. Between Davin and I we knew we had to try some of the roast duck and the roast pork given this was what they were famous for. So we ordered half of a roast duck and a plate of the crispy skinned roast pork with rice to share. We also ordered a plate of the garlic bean sprouts and a couple of homemade ice lemon teas.

They served us with complimentary soup and hot tea which we loved. The soup was not one of those MSG soups that comes with a lot of meals in other Asian restaurants. It had bits of duck and vegetables in it and tasted healthy.

Then out came the main dishes very efficiently and promptly. The roast duck was just as good as people claimed it to be! It was served with this lovely sweet sauce you can dip the duck in. It was AMAZING. The skin was so crispy and flavoured, combined with the sweet sauce it was a match made in heaven!

The roast pork was also fantastic. The meat was melt in your mouth tender, and the skin was super crispy you could probably hear us from far away eating it as we crunched away. It was flavoured perfectly and not too salty. We were pretty shocked when we took our first bite because we were so surprised at how good it was.

The garlic bean sprouts was also really nice. It was flavoured really well and the serving so generous! Davin and I felt like we were eating and eating and the plate was just not clearing. One serving was probably enough to feed about 4 people.

The homemade iced lemon teas were also really nice. I always get worried about them being too sweet but this was also done perfectly and you could taste the actual tea more than sugar.

Overall we really couldn’t fault the food at all here. We were awed at how good it was and will definitely be back when we’re in the mood for some good roast duck or pork!

Roast Duck Inn
Approx $30 AUD per person
Address: 31 Carrington Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128
Phone: +61 3 9897 3788

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