Nordic cuisine

Norgwegian lobster and chicken foot

During our trip to Copenhagen we were quite keen on trying out Nordic cuisine and so of course had our eyes set on one of the best restaurants in the world, Noma.  Unfortunately there were no bookings available at Noma for the 3 nights that we were in Copenhagen so after some quick research we came across Höst who also specialise in Nordic cuisine.

For those of you who don’t know, Nordic cuisine is based around developing traditional Scandinavian dishes using ingredients from the local regions to promote the production and consumption of natural and fresh produce. In addition, older techniques are used in developing the dishes such as smoking and salting.

Although Höst may not be listed as one of the  best restaurants in the world and has no Michelin stars to it’s name, it has built up an impressive number of positive reviews. Upon entering the restaurant you instantly receive the warm and cosy feeling from the dark wooden decor and warm dimmed lights. The menu is designed simply so that you can pick from a number of three course fixed menus which you can combine with wine pairings or you can also choose from their a la carte menu. The dishes had very special flavours which you would not normally come across however somehow worked when placed together.

As Denmark is quite expensive in general, it is also very well priced compared to other restaurants in Copenhagen with the Höst Signature Menu of 3 courses costing approximately $80 AUD and wine pairing at $60 AUD. We were also given quite a number of complimentary dishes in between showcasing their produce. Staff knew the menus well and were very switched on. Overall, it was a lovely Nordic experience and I would highly recommend!

Approx $80 AUD per person / plus $60 AUD for wine pairing
Address: Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364 KØBENHAVN K, Denmark
Phone:+45 70 70 15 88