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Hello! We’re Helen & Davin from Melbourne, Australia. Welcome to our blog! A few things we love most in this world are food, travelling, our family and of course our cat Sky. Whilst Sky may not have an appreciation for good food, nor travelling to the vet, we love to travel and enjoy the finest foods locally and internationally.

Ever since our first ‘fine dining’ experience at Taxi – Federation Square in Melbourne roughly 10 years ago, our outlook on food changed dramatically. We found ourselves having a new-found appreciation for food in the way that it tastes, the way it’s prepared, the presentation and also the freshness of the produce. We feel that food really brings people together, whether it’s home cooking or dining out, it is always a topic guaranteed to bring excitement and joy. From that moment on our favourite thing has been to look for nice restaurants and try new foods. Any excuse to go out and eat is always used (birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, even the ‘oh hey it’s been a few weeks since we’ve eaten out’ excuse).

The story behind One Piece Left is quite simple. At a time when we share food, people for some reason or another, always leave one piece left on the plate. Whether it be a courteous or cultural thing to leave the last piece, it always seems to happen!

Along with restaurant recommendations, we want to also feature foods which we buy that we enjoy, and with good nutritional value if possible. We were always told that if we don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all. Therefore we will only feature restaurants we have visited which we really enjoy and will revisit, along with foods which we can see ourselves eating over and over again.  We also want to share with you our travel and life experiences, so we invite you all to come join us on our adventures.










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