The Chobani craze


Chobani yoghurt seems to be all the rage these days. Before trying Chobani yohgurt out, I had been on a bit of a drought because the Greek style yoghurt I was previously buying from Aldi seems to have been discontinued. I was itchin’ for some nice Greek style yoghurt to be reintroduced into my life and boy did Chobani deliver!

I tried the passion fruit flavour first. I did the trademark lick from the bottom of the lid, this was good stuff! As all the fruit was underneath, I was pretty much trying plain Chobani yoghurt. Plain Greek style yoghurts are generally an acquired taste and don’t taste very good but Chobani was quite nice indeed. It had the perfect ratio of tangyness and sourness. The passion fruit at the bottom was very good too. I recommend mixing it all up as the passion fruit can be a little sweet. I also tried the mango flavour which wasn’t very nice, it was way too sweet for me and I didn’t find it enjoyable at all.

My recommendation is definitely to buy the plain fat free Chobani yoghurt and add your own fresh fruits. Some of my favorite combinations include adding strawberries/blueberries or simply just enjoy with blackberries. One blackberry per one big scoop of Chobani yoghurt is simply heaven! I also like to add fresh mango in, when they’re on special of course.

The plain fat free Chobani yoghurt not only goes well with fresh fruits but it’s seriously healthy too! 10.2g of protein per 100g, ranks it as one of the highest-protein yoghurt ever. It’s also really low in carbs (4.2g per 100g) and sugar (3.8g per 100g). Whilst the yoghurt itself is low in sugar, be mindful of the natural sugars you’re adding in from the fruits.

I normally buy the biggest tub (907 grams) as it works out cheaper and I know I can get through it in a week. I like to have some Chobani yogurt in between meals or after a nice workout sometimes. To me it’s guilt free indulgence and I definitely prefer the taste compared to a protein shake.

 Approx $7 AUD for 907 grams